ADS Security - Matt Gabell

ADS is a regional security system installer and provider in in the southeastern region of the United States. 

Matt Gabell approached Snark Media with some ideas for videos he could use to promote himself with on social media. We collaborated with Matt to create two videos, one geared to residential clients and another for commercial clients. This video highlights how he and ADS work with their local small business owners to ensure their storefronts and valuables are secure.

We scripted, storyboarded, shot, and edited this video, which has gone on to generate numerous high-quality leads for Matt Gabell and ADS video social media marketing.

Smarter Nashville

Smarter Nashville is a new online, video-focused website.  Smarter Nashville’s goal is to provide a hyperlocal platform, showcasing people and organizations who are actively working to make Nashville, Tennessee a better place for the future.

This video is Smarter Nashville’s first video feature, highlighting a local nonprofit Shower Up Nashville. Our goal in this video was to allow the founders and expand on what their organization does helping the homeless community. We shot, edited, and created the video bumpers you see on the intro and out-tro to the video.

Infinity Care Partners

Infinity Care Partners is a healthcare firm in Nashville, Tennessee specializing in meeting licensed nursing needs in the USA.  Infinity Care Partners works to alleviate the United States Nursing shortage by recruiting licensed nursing staff from the Philippines and abroad.

We shot this video in-studio for b-roll purposes on their website.  Our goal was to create a short, looping background-video designed to give website visitors a clear and immediate idea of their sector and specialty.  Without sound, we relied on a white/blue color palette to communicate their industry to website visitors. 


Livingscapes is a commercial landscaping firm in Nashville, Tennessee.  Livingscapes specializes in custom, high-end landscape installation and large-estate maintenance and management.

For the Livingscapes website, we shot two videos. One is strictly b-roll used as a header on the website, highlighting some of their premiere installations. We also shot an explainer video with the owner, James Livingston, so he can directly address his website’s visitors and explain Livingscapes’ specialities.